beautiful dress.. wonderful quality of fabric ...I loved it......

— Xtylish Je Xtylish Je


Always very nice designed dresses our wardrobe

— Vesal A 


Hi, I must appreciate the Customer Service of Hola Amor. They are very responsive & guide very well.
I received my dress today - really liked the packing.
The dress was as shown in the pictures.
Thank you 🙂

— Bushra Zaman 


So i ordrd fr themmm like a week agooo
Obviously i ws confusedddd abt it n ws praying to hv something nicee
But woooow whn i got my package i ws literally in shockkk
Like frm packing to fabric to cutssss everything was just tooo perfectttt
I must say they really know dt each customer is important n how to make them special
Loving each n every bitsss
Thnk u n will obviously shop againn sooonest

— Bushra Rehman 


Best best fabric n beautiful dress 😍I love it inshah Allah wil shop again ♥️

— Awan Nazii 


Absolutely love the attires of hola amor and it was a pleasure Collaborating with them😍 The quality of their dress fabric is excellent and the color are very heartthrobbing 😍😍😍😍

— Barirah Kazi 

The designs are amazing, the team is great and the service is superb! I highly recommend Hola Amor! 

— Gab Riella 

It was my first experience but everything was beyond my expectations ❤️❤️❤️MashaAllah 🥰 dress was so beautiful and packing was also very beautiful❤️

— Mariam Ali 

Love my dress. Exactly as pictured and such good quality arrived earlier than expected what's not to love? I must say I was delighted with the service. Brilliant considering the time of year!

— Gul Sam 


After seeing it, WOW! Quiet impressing work, Love the packing and love the out fit Totally in love with your service - thanks alot

— Aeliya —


Amazing experience! Great designs 😃 The packing felt so wholesome. I love Hola Amor! Would recommend to everyone ❤

— Maya Abad —


Fun, affordable FASHION!!

— Jessica Barish —


Quality was excellent and the paxking superb!  

— Ayub Sarfarz —


I really liked the packing and the dress is pretty too

— Tahir Shah —