What To Wear To A Party In Pakistan

Up for a party and don’t know what to wear? No worries.

You can stand out from the crowd and go to any party with our help from this guide.

When any woman gets know about an invitation, she starts getting thrills, and loves to dress up. Dressing up for a party is a bit worrisome, because you want to love at the best. Dress code for the different parties can vary, and let’s not worry about it because we will help in deciding what to wear to a party, especially when you’re living in Pakistan, and following its fashion.

Before we can dive in, and choose what can the best suit to wear in a party, let’s learn about the different types of parties and their respective dresses altogether.

House Party

When you’ve been invited for a house party, it’s mostly sure that you’re going to spend your time indoors. Here comes choosing any outfit that can flatter your body. Maxi, distressed jeans, a shirt dress and leather pants. It is always suggested to keep the make up low key as it is not recommended to put your makeup anywhere there’s no natural light.

Wedding Or Engagement Party

When it is a formal event, pre-organized by a group, like wedding ceremony or engagement celebration, the perfect choice could be a full length pleated long two-tone dress featuring ban neckline, sleeveless cut & flowy silhouette. You can accessorize with an eye-catching cloak to feel the luxury, and be enjoying within yourself.

Birthday Party

So, what to wear to a birthday party? As per a general consensus, it’s quite easy to dress up for a birthday party unless it’s not your birthday. Stealing the thunder and looking over the top cannot be a perfect solution here, but looking simple and classy will turn the table. Here is a perfect suit to wear to a birthday party that Hola Amor brings as a suggestion.

Bachelorette Party

As per our experience in the fashion industry, we believe that most women in Pakistan for bachelorette parties prefer wearing jumpsuits. There are many types of jumpsuits that can give a try. Explore our jumpsuit collection to have a fair bit of idea, what you can try.

Dinner Party

For any formal dinner party, any party wear black dress in thick silk can be awesome than anything else. There are so many types of dresses that you can give a try, specifically hot pants or skinny jeans with a leather jacket. Moreover, a crop top with ripped jeans can also be something enjoyable.

Themed Party

As the name suggests, a themed party is the party that has a particular theme or subject. Likewise, the dress code has to be followed up. If the party has been organized with regards to Spring season, you can give a try to Rosy colored party wear dresses because it is the season, in which roses bloom. Similarly, if the theme of the party reflects 90s era, the attire can be of the same era’s trends but in a classical design that stands you out.

Workspace Party

When you’re attending a party in your office, or with your co-workers, you can better go with some sort of business attire. Or you can choose any dress that looks more side of formal as well as classical to represent your personality in a better way. A knee-length top, jumpsuit or formal pants can be a good choice.

Final Words

In conclusion, we hope that this article is helpful and can give you a fair bit of idea what can be worn in the different types of parties. An additional tip is that you can always fill colors in your accessories, bags, or other things you carry with yourself. Hola Amor is a top party wear brand in Pakistan. To see our top party wear suits, you can check our top dresses, and may find one that seems more of your desire.